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Power Amusement!


Power Amusement!

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Magician, Mentalist & Speaker Heather Rogers

Delightful, Astonishing, Interactive Entertainment with one singular Message:

The Magic is YOU.


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"Heather was a sensational hit at President Obama's second term Inaugural Ball. She is a world class entertainer."

- Peter S. Gaytan, Executive Director of the American Legion

Heather Rogers, Close-up Mingling Magician.jpg

Close-up Magic


Close-up Magic


Heather has performed Close-up Magic at President Obama's Inaugural Ball in D.C. and other public figures including Hilary Clinton and Rita Moreno.


She brings, the perfect mix of delight, whimsy and elegance to corporate events. Less of a 'Grandstanding' Magician and more of stealth miracle-maker and co-host. Heather makes sparks fly at your event, while also meeting guests in a warm unassuming way, putting them at ease and creating the perfect ice-breaker for them to have the time of their lives.

Heather weaves stories, humor and remarkable skill into the program, making every magical effect a compositional masterpiece.

 A highly skilled FEMALE corporate magician is a rare find.  This will add an even deeper element of surprise, elegance and sultry charm to your very hip 'happening'.

“Charming, witty, daring and beautiful!”

- Marty Bloom, Event Planner ASCCA


Comedy Magic Show





Comedy Magic Show





Working with Joan Baez at Teatro Zinzanni in San Francisco

Working with Joan Baez at Teatro Zinzanni in San Francisco

"Working with you IS magic!"

- Joan Baez:

What is so different about Heather Rogers' Magic? 

Heather's show is contemporary, hip and packed with variety. The show has real chemistry with audiences because it gracefully balances between the right amount of edge, inspiration and audience engagement.

Another element that makes the show so unique is Heather's use of classic physical comedy and satire. Her playful physicality is reminiscent of the great ladies of comedy like Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Bette Midler.  

Her strikingly original show weaves together: 

  • Impersonations

  • Escape artistry

  • Machete juggling

  • Dance

  • Musical satire

  • Hilarious audience participation

  • and knuckle busting sleight of hand magic with heart-centered humor

Watch Heather's Contact Juggling Act    

Perfect for a short set in a conference setting or a review show
Running Time 1:14


Motivational Speaker, Heather Rogers magician.jpg





Heather's vision for your organization is two-fold...

First, to turn your organization 'Disneyland for Collaborators and Innovators'...  

Then, to teach your Leaders and Teams how to Think in the Miracle Zone.

The top four issues facing business today are:

  • The need for wider ranging knowledge

  • The retention and development skilled talent

  • Information overload

  • Change Management

All four issues can all be addressed and managed with Heather's Mind-tools Program and her "7 Steps to Miracle Zone Workflow" process.

Whether your challenge is raising the bottom line, developing stronger teams, innovation or talent management; it all really comes down to the WORK CULTURE, ENGAGEMENT and MASTERING THE MIND.

The final frontier is not the Future, it is the Present.
— Dawa Tarchin Phillips

Watch Heather's fun and dynamic Speaker Demo Video

If your people are treated like valued creatives, and given mind-tools to 'maximize the moment', they will be more productive, happy, healthy and more inspired to co-create a magical working environment.

Heather Rogers specializes in infusing creativity, innovationproductivity, and corporate culture happiness by unleashing the 'supernova power' of the MIND and building maximum ENGAGEMENT with Teams, Leaders and Customers.


"Mind-tools to Get More Done, and Have More Fun!"

- How to Think the Miracle Zone by maximizing your Mind, Mood and Motivation toward a collaborative culture that is a truly caring community.

Heather Rogers, Trainer.JPG

This game-changing program is a unique synthesis of Motivation, Magic, Humor, Customization and power-packed Content. 
In life, there are no bystanders. Your attendees are immersed in an EXTRAORDINARY MAGICAL EXPERIENCE that has been crafted just for them that they will remember, talk about and source, for years to come. 


Heather’s program, will not only help in optimizing workflow and maximizing the mind; it offers solutions for keeping ‘the right people on the bus’ while fostering their ability to push the limits of what collaborative cultures can do.

'New-paradigm organizations' that are close-to-the-pulse of change are allowing their talent to ‘become the technology themselves’.  

Rita Moreno and Heather Rogers were both Keynote Speakers at the 2014 East Bay Women's Entrepreneurial Conference. Heather performed at a private event at Rita's home in 2013.

Rita Moreno and Heather Rogers were both Keynote Speakers at the 2014 East Bay Women's Entrepreneurial Conference. Heather performed at a private event at Rita's home in 2013.

Cultivating highly intuitive players and streamlined procedures is the only way organizations will be able to keep up with the accelerating speed of business today and the surprises of tomorrow.

"Amazing Speaker, consummate entertainer"

- Rita Moreno


Heather Rogers, Trainer and Speaker.jpg

Consulting and Training


Consulting and Training


    Team Building and Communication Program:
    "Mindfulness, the Elixir of Engagement"  

    This program delivers tools and distinctions that will

    •  increase the bottom line,

    • help in the retention of top talent,

    • increase productivity and

    • create a happy culture


    While all curriculum is custome-designed to achieve the desired outcomes of your organization, Heather has a secret formula that creates a far deeper level of engagement, energized collaboration, and innovation... by creating a Magical Immersion Experience.

Corporate Trainer, Heather Rogers.jpg

Attendees are transported into a state of receptivity, and genuine mindfulness because Heather uses mind-science techniques to bypass the rational mind and induce the release of the four 'Happiness Chemicals': Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphins.

Phases of the Training:

While all curriculum is generated and tailored to achieve the desired outcomes of your organization, Heather has a secret formula that creates a far deeper level of engagement, energized collaboration, and innovation... by creating a Magical Immersion Experience.

Corporate Trainer, Heather Rogers, Speaker.jpg
  • The Immersion experience begins when attendees enter the room as Heather engages them in interactive CLOSE-UP MAGIC to create a sense of happy surprise, meet them personally and discover their learning objectives.

  • Next, participants engage in a humorous TRAINING PROGRAM that delivers game-changing distinctions about how the mind works and how to ‘hard-wire the brain’ for success, using attention and plasticity.

  • Deeper into the program participants LEARN AND PERFORM MAGIC in teams. At this point attendees transcend the "Training" experience the real team alchemy begins. there is an opportunity to get a video of their performance and receive a standing ovation (for their next Facebook post!) The debrief at the end of this module produces innovative outcomes and new objectives. 

  • At the conclusion of the training, participants TAKE HOME MAGICAL EFFECTS and CONTINUE THE LEARNING through group generated 'next steps' in order to build on their new distinctions.


Participants learn:

  • How to make the most of the energy hungry Prefrontal Cortex and how shockingly short its attention span is

  • How tools like "Reappraisal", "Naming the emotion" and "Competing against yourself" can make or break your career

  • The surprising health and financial benefits of being Present versus in the Narrative part of the brain

  •  Why the right balance of Autonomy, Fairness, Certainly, Status, Relatedness and Contribution keep the Limbic System from reverting to the emotional state of a two year old.

  • About the brains plasticity and how you can not only change your brain chemically, but you can change it physiologically by changing your thinking

  • How 'lock-down daily procedures' will free up your brain for optimal information processing 

  • Memory enhancement techniques through vivid Mnemonic devices

  • How to make mobile tech-tools work FOR us instead of splitting our focus and sabotaging our effectiveness

Heather Rogers, Corporate Trainer and Mindfulness Speaker.jpg

Consulting and Training


Consulting and Training


Trade Shows


Trade Shows


 "I would work with Heather again in a heartbeat, and would highly recommend that anyone looking to entertain crowds, generate excitement, or just have fun hire her immediately!"

-- Josh Rothman, Core Services, Oracle Open World


How can you insure that your Trade Show investment pays off?

Heather Rogers is a dynamic Edu-Tainment specialist who will deliver a skillfully crafted, customized presentation at your booth that will:

  • Build your brand through compelling stories so that people will feel connected to, and  believe in your organization

  • Educate prospects about the product benefits that can enhance their lives

  • Engage large crowds to create excitement and a buzz of anticipation at your booth

  • Use Magic and Comedy to illustrate key features of products and services in a fun way

  • Qualify leads to save your staff valuable time

  • Collect contact information in creative ways to increase your R.O.I. 

  • And, most importantly, connect visitors to your qualified staff of consultants to convert them into lifetime customers and raving social media fans.


“My business quadrupled after just one day of working with Heather. I couldn’t have imagined a better return on my trade show investment!”

-- Tammy Yu, CPA

Trade Show Magician Heather Rogers.jpg

Heathers L.E.A.D.S. Program


Heathers L.E.A.D.S. Program

Companies like Core Services at Oracle Open World, American Express, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Alameda Power and Telecom, Nurse Recruiters Association all know that Heather delivers “LEADS”.


Heather's Five Point Formula that ensures your Trade Show success:

    1.    Large Crowds - Heather's presentation is strategically crafted to gather a sizable crowd at your booth. Your staff supplies the expertise and sales savvy to close the sale, Heather supplies the presentation skills and the magic to stop the foot flow at your booth.

   2.    Edu-tainment - You are not just generating leads, you are building your brand. Heather educates the public as to why they NEED your organization to be a part of their infrastructure while captivating them with powerful entertainment to increase long-term audience retention. 

   3.    Audience Involvement - There is nothing more captivating for an audience than watching one of their own incorporated into the grandstand fun. This creates a visceral immediacy that draws in crowds, while ratcheting up the entertainment value.

   4.    Dynamic Delivery - Your valuable brand requires a presenter with discernment and outstanding communication skills. Both a professional Speaker AND an expert Magician she conveys your message in a way that customers will never forget.

    5.    Specialized Customization - Through in-depth interviews and research into your organization Heather creates fully customized scripts with magical effects with content that is structured to help you obtain more qualified leads and convert them into sales.

To find out more about how you can turn your Trade Show booth into an irresistible pipeline for new clients, contact Heather Rogers for a free marketing consultation and magic demonstration via Skype. 


Trade Show Image Gallery


Trade Show Image Gallery


Client List for agent friendly site


Client List for agent friendly site

Partial Client List

Major Companies and Public Figures


We had a wonderful team of Magicians at the RSA Conference at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

We had a wonderful team of Magicians at the RSA Conference at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Entertainment Companies 

Public Instituions

Client Reviews:

"You were a sensational hit at President Obama’s second-term Inaugural Ball. Let this be fair warning to anyone who should get a chance to see you, they are dealing with a WOLRD CLASS entertainer! Absolutely Incredible!”

- Peter S. Gaytan, Executive Director of the Washington D.C. Office of The American Legion

"Heather was a consummate professional at every stage of the process and a truly enchanting performer.  She captivated our guests and brought a whole new dimension to our event in San Francisco. She was delightful, engaging and amazing.”

- Olac Fuentes, Event Planner, Hillary for America Campaign

“When Hewlett Packard formed Keysight Technologies, we needed a top-flight pro for two high profile events. First, customized Trade Show Magic on the exhibition floor at Tech Con and second, Magical Entertainment at the opening night gala that we sponsored in the new Levis Stadium in San Jose. Heather Rocked it!

 Steve Mango, Marketing Development Manager; Hewlett Packard & Keysight Technologies

“So far I have booked Heather for EIGHT EVENTS in the next 3 months! I booked Heather’s Mindfulness Training for my staff Wellness Module. I also brought Heather in for a SIX separate events as part training-retreat series. I was so impressed with her skill and professionalism I have also booked her magic our Professional Staff Dinner. We hope to have a long-lasting collaboration.” 

Lisa Chui, Lisa Chui, Program Director, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, Inc.

As the Emcee and Sponsor for the Bay Area’s first ever TEDx youth event, Heather astounded everyone. She artfully crafted of all of the introductions for our speakers. She also performed magic along with each customized introduction to really set the tone for our young and nervous speakers. She took the time to memorize all of the content and was also a true professional to work with. The magic was PERFECT for this event.  

Kristine Klussman, Coordinator, TEDx


"Heather's Mind Reading program is off the charts. We keep bringing her back for other events because she is unlike any other entertainer we have seen."

Jason Mitchell, Gatsby Entertainment, Google


"You were the highlight of our Community Investment Event."

Jada Roseman, Comcast


"Heather is a consummate professional. I was amazed how many clients arrived as strangers and left as friends."

Christina De Santiago, Wells Fargo

"Heather is contemporary, hip and full of surprise, making her a perfect fit for Yelp."

Monica Silvestre, Yelp

"Your magic was the perfect icebreaker. You brought the excitement and electricity, making our Product Launch Party an absolute hit!"

- Anthony Bishop, Cannon Business Solutions


"I thought the show was great. Just watching her entertain the room I saw a lot of smiling faces, happy people, lots of laughs, good interaction with the crowd, I would definitely want to be a part of it again myself!"

- Matt Bradley, Home Depot

"Heather's close-up magic was awesome, but her psychic entertainment readings just blew us out of the water."

Mike Nguyen, Fry's Electronics

"I searched long and hard for the right comedy magician. I even asked Heather to audition. She far exceeded our wildest expectations."

Tom Zioncheck, Event Planner, Genentech

“Heather is OUR Trade Show Magician. I was brought Heather in for a 3-day trade show in San Francisco and was so impressed we flew her out to Las Vegas for our next Trade Show at Caesars Palace. She delivered 3 days of customized magic to promote our software for managing legal matter. Heather is our secret weapon!”

Robert Fraser, President of Trinogy, Australia


“Heather Rogers created a fully customized show for our holiday luncheon in San Francisco and left us all floored. She had researched our ‘Association for Associations’ so thoroughly, we were invigorated and reminded why we do what we do! She was such a good fit, that she became a member!”

Silla Flores, Regional Manager, California Society of Association Executives

“Heather Rogers is a wonderful performer, a stellar personality, and a warm, easy-going person to work with.  I would work with Heather again in a heartbeat!"

-- Josh Rothman, Core Services, Oracle Open World

“We have booked Heather for several events ranging from customizing a full show for out Chief Technology Officer department to performing Close-up Magic and Mind-Reading for our corporate meeting. Heather is always great and we would love to have her back in the future!”

 Rosemary Papp, Event Planner, Applied Materials

Heather was absolutely fantastic! She enthralled and enchanted our guests, many of whom gave us glowing feedback following the event about her wide portfolio of mind-blowing magic tricks. She was personable, friendly, outgoing and professional. Heather was a pleasure to work with and was very accommodating. We have zero complaints and feel we received outstanding value for our money. We HIGHLY recommend having Heather at your event. For context, we hosted a charity gala for 1,500 people at San Francisco City Hall.

 Jeffery Coburn, Event Planner, Minds Matter

Heather performed an amazing show that was tailored to our executive team for our holiday party. She researched our company and wrote jokes especially for our team which really surprised us. Her Close-up Magic during the cocktail hour was just as astonishing as the show! We especially liked her own innovations: ‘edible computer chips’ and ‘circuit board suckers’!

 Kristina Baker, Event Planner, Synopsys

Heather has delivered several astonishing programs for the National Speakers Association. She did a phenomenal job at researching NSA/NC and translating its history and culture into a magical act that left the audience begging for more. She kicked off my presidential year with a BANG! I recommend her highly to other organizations and meeting planners looking to create magical moments that inspire and motivate attendees.”

 Mitchell Friedman, President, National Speakers Association, Northern California

We hired Heather for a trade show and she was professional, engaging, energetic and very interested in stopping folks so that the company had an opportunity to talk to folks about their products and services. I would recommend her because she has a positive energy and cares about her performance and yours.

 Mitch Krohnengold, Owner, Premium Productions NY

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Heather Rogers as a keynote speaker. We have had her back two years in a row and we would be honored to bring her back in the future. There is no doubt in my mind that Heather Rogers ranks among the very best speakers I've ever encountered. A highly engaging and thought-provoking speaker, Heather integrates humor, magic and the perfect dose of audience participation to create lasting and tangible takeaways. We continue to receive very positive feedback from Heather’s energetic and moving presentation.

 Monica Silvestre, Marketing Manager, Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce

Heather's Keynote on Mindfulness and Wellness was not only magical. It was also very educational, funny and engaging. She played with the audience and really did her research on our organization, which made everyone feel at ease made the presentation more relevant than we could have ever imagined!

 Travis Groft, Event Planner, City of San Mateo

What can I say? Heather is a consummate entertainer! We hired her to add something special to a normally boring corporate mixer and got SO much more. Feedback from attendees: "Heather made the event" "We were crying and laughing" "She unlocked some pretty amazing secrets...she's the real deal" A psychic with a touch of magic AND a huge personality! If you don't hire Heather after looking through this category and reading this review...I'm just gonna say it now, in preparation for what I can assure you will be a less than as fabulous as possible entertainer..."I told you so." Hire Heather, and thank me later. I guarantee you will feel the need to.

Jeremy Russell, Event Planner, Projectline inc.

We have had Heather back two years in a row! The feedback has been great from attendees, "amazing" was the term most often used. I feel that her being there is what made the event successful, we couldn’t have made a better choice.”

Linda Bell, HR Director, Dignity Health / Sequoia Hospital

“Your show was not only baffling and magical, it was truly hilarious. As a performer you are classy imaginative and fun! Thanks also for the awe-inspiring Close-up Magic during the cocktail hour. It was a great “ice breaker”. Thank you for a job well done.

Susan Morehead, President of Local 1741 United Transportation Union

Heather performed Close-up Magic at our holiday party for 200 Internet Technology professionals.
Our engineers can be a tough crowd, but Heather won them over with her charm, with and magic.
We still can’t figure out how she made the reading glasses flip over in plain sight!

Lindsey Barger, Event Planner, Cybercsi

I could write an entire article on how she excelled in surpassing expectations in each one of measured areas. Heather is charming, witty, daring, funny, and full of magic. She was extremely flexible in how we needed her to apply her talents to our audience. As members & guest of our Chapter's Vendor Fair arrived, she mingled and did up close & personal magic. During our formal meeting she did a brief magic show, then again mixed with the Fair attendees. That's Entertainment!

Marty Bloom, Event Planner, Automotive Service Councils of California Association

Thank you for your enthusiasm and hard work. Your creative magic was a huge hit and received countless compliments! We never imagined how amazed and enchanted our guests would be by your presentation style and your magical entertainment!”

Katherine Austin, Project Coordinator, UCSF

“On Behalf of the St. Luke’s Board and myself I wish to tell you how much your presence added to our 51st annual meeting. Your show worked perfectly with our “Autumn Magic” theme and we heard many positive comments about how your special entertainment added something quite special to our event. You made our event a joyful success!”

June Campbell, St. Luke’s Hospital, San Francisco

“You were definitely the hot of the evening. This is customarily a very critical crowd and yet your performance was a uniformly acknowledged hit. Everyone thought you did a spectacular job. What pleased me the most was your ability to work the crowd of 350 people so that everyone got to see you and participate if they wanted to, yet at the same time you were unobtrusive. Your timing and ability to pull together small groups was very skilled. You were a success in all ways and added a special note of glamour to our evening.” 

Rosalind Henning, Special Events Director, California Academy of Sciences

“Heather Rogers was a complete delight entertaining guests at Stars Restaurant on October 31st. Staff and guests alike were amazed at her psychic abilities. Heather’s ability to charm a crow added a wonderful bonus to our Halloween event.”

Julie Cantor, Manager of Private Events, Stars Restaurant

Heather Rogers Elegant Magician.jpg

About Heather


About Heather